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11 Best ways to Help Improve Your Child’s School Grades

Does it seem like you are already doing everything possible for your kids, but they just seem unable to achieve the grades that you are aiming for? Here are some of the best tips, based on proven methodologies, that will help them get progressively better grades in no time.

1.Review the Homework Regularly

It may seem like an obvious practice, but regularly reviewing homework is one of the best ways to quickly identify problem areas for your kids. Sometimes bad grades may happen because they are stuck in one particular area of the subject, causing frustration which leads to other performance problems.

To avoid this problem, regularly reviewing homework will provide your child with opportunities to quickly overcome obstacles before it becomes a frustration. This may be especially common with kids who are a bit on the shy side.

2.Help Prepare for Quizzes and Tests

In addition to reviewing homework, helping your kids with preparing for quizzes or tests is also very important. Not only does this practice help them with their grades in the short term, but it also develops into a structured studying strategy for them as a lifelong benefit.

While reviewing homework helps to identify possible points of frustration or weaker areas of each subject, quiz and test preparation will be even better at doing so. This is also a wonderful opportunity for you to customize a studying approach that best works for your kids.

3. Studying in the Proper Environment

While you can spend countless amount of hours helping with your kid’s homework and studying, it is absolutely essential to create a safe and quiet place for your kids to work in. Some children may spend many hours studying, but result in poor information retention due to a lack of focus.

One of the top reason for this happening is the existence of distractions in the environment.
By having a quiet and safe environment for your child to study in, it allows them to better focus on the task at hand, and also trains the mind to switch to study mode whenever they enter that location.

4. Removing Distractions Within the Study Area

With the convenience of modern digital devices, many kids now have access to various machines of distraction. While it may seem like a convenience, micro distractions from devices will break the concentration of your kids in the short term and long term.

When studying or doing homework, make sure to remove such sources of micro distractions from the area to put it completely out of the minds of your kids. Whether it is the television playing or internet devices, they are sources of distraction which prevents your kids from focusing on the task at hand.

5. Creating the Motivation for School and Studying

Does your kids hate doing homework? Having a lack of motivation to do any task is probably the primary reason why the task is done poorly. This is especially true for a child’s relationship with school and studying.

One simple way to build motivation for studying is by making it fun. Try encouraging your kids while they are studying, and also reinforce the attitude for working through the homework. After completion of the homework, reward your kids by spending time with them doing other activities. This will help to not only motivate them, but also to create a stronger bond with them.

Students Studying Together at Success

6. Identifying Problematic School Subjects

Once you have the proper study-space and good study habits going, it is time to identify which areas of study needs more work on. By reviewing homework and doing quiz and test preparations with your kids, you should be able to have some general ideas which subjects require additional attention.

Upon identifying which subjects your kids may be having trouble with, there are a few things that can be done. First you can try to work through the areas of difficulty together with your child, and in doing so create a habit of overcoming obstacles and a desire to learn.

Secondly you could contact the teacher and ask for special attention to address the identified subject area. A teacher generally have many students in class, and oftentimes they would be happy to be alerted on matters such as this to better educate the children in the class.

Thirdly a more effective approach would be to find a good tutoring service for a more personal and customized approach to improve your child’s grades. With larger class sizes, oftentimes teachers would not have the time to fully address the needs of your child enough.

7. Do Not Over Stress Your Kids

While you may have the best of intentions for your kids, it is possible to overstress your children by stressing out yourself over their grades. Your stress level can spread over to your kids and be the direct cause of lowered performance in school.

One way to avoid this stress build-up is to be optimistic in your conversations with your kids regarding their school performance. Words of gentle encouragement and sincerely warm offer of assistance and support will go a long way in improving the situation.

8. Is Your Child Getting Bad Grades from Bullying?

Another possible reason for having lowered grades in school is bullying. It is important to identify whether this is a problem and find steps in resolving the issue. If left unresolved, such situations may cause lessened communication between your child and other people.

Once resolving situations such as this, your child will once again be able to enjoy a positive and healthy school life.

9. Sleeping Well Will Improve Grades

Aside from having a safe and quiet environment for studying and doing homework, it is also critically important to have a good night’s sleep. Many factors may affect how well your child rests at night, including noise pollution, television watching before bed, video games, or other distractions within the hours before bed time.

By identifying all such roadblocks to getting a proper night’s sleep, it is possible to have a much better night’s rest with the same amount of hours.

10. One Step at a Time

When attempting to improve your child’s performance in school, you may have the urge to want to improve every single aspect all at the same time. This unfortunately will create a stress point for your child and may lead to limited results.

Instead, do focus on one or two areas which you want to improve. This will allow your child to better concentrate on each of the steps necessary and result in a much faster improvement speed.

11. Set Goals for Improvement

Having many ways of improving your child’s school grades is great, but it is also critical to set a reasonable goal for improvement. By setting a goal that is within reach, it will help to progressively improve grades without overstressing your child.

Try establishing mini goals for improvement, so that there is a gentle curve of progress. This helps to encourage your child with every mini-success, building up confidence and motivation to work even harder.

At the end of the day, the most important thing to do is view the situation from the mind of your child. To try and understand their troubles and frustrations so that you can best assist them in achieving success in school and life. If you would like to provide an extra advantage for your kids, having a great tutor is the best advice for achieving excellent grades in school.

The tutors at Success Tutorial School can help you accomplish this! For more information about our tutors and tutorial services, please contact us. We will be happy to assist you and your child.

July 23, 2019
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