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What Our Parents Say

“I put my son in Grade one English tutorial when he start to go to French Immersion school. The tutor there is patient and helpful making sure our son can keep up his English if he wants to switch back to English school. We are coming back for the summer camp program.” – Beatrice Chan

“My son (grade 3) has been enrolled with Success Tutoring School since he was grade 1. I am very glad that both his written and comprehensive skills have been enhanced and advanced. Most important of all he enjoys every single class and the staff there were all very professional and engaged. It has been a great and positive learning experience!” – Cindy Shiu

What Our Students Say

Helpful in clarification of knowledge.

Jonas Timbol 
Student, Grade 11 Functions, Markham. 

Very helpful with my day school courses.

Teachers know what they are teaching and explain very well.

Adriana Chu 
Student, Grade 11 Chemistry, Richmond Hill. 

Very easy to understand and useful in school.

Celina Leung 
Student, Grade 11 Biology and Grade 11 Physics, Markham. 

Helpful and organized notes!

Esther Yu 
Student, Grade 12 Calculus & Vectors, Richmond Hill. 

Very good resources, great lessons.

Jane Zue 
Student, Grade 12 Advanced Functions, Markham. 

Quite helpful to learn the material before hand, gives you an advantage in school.

Cecilia Fu 
Student. Grade 12 Advanced Functions, Markham. 

Always had a great learning experience with Eric.

He is a really great teacher and teaches the concept thoroughly.

Raymond Chiu 
Student, Grade 12 Calculus & Vectors, Markham. 

Teacher and course material are very helpful.

Course is slightly fast paced.

Harshdeep Guraya 
Student, Grade 12 Advanced Functions, Markham. 

(STS) provided me with the knowledge that I needed to succeed in my courses.

Jeffrey Chu 
Student, Euclid Contest Preparation Course, Grade 12 Chemistry, Richmond Hill. 

I enjoy learning this course and all the different concepts.

It is important for the next step: Calculus and Vector.

Jasmeen Guraya 
Student, Grade 12 Advanced Functions, Markham. 

What Our Teachers Say

I've been a teacher at STS for a few years, and I've been very pleased with my experience. The staff, co-ordinator and secretaries are very collaborative and promptly address student needs. I also like how students are taught in small groups, as this allows me to individualize lesson plans to cater to their needs. The materials are also connected to the curriculum and are highly relevant in re-enforcing concepts taught in day school. With all of these positive aspects in mind, I would highly recommend Success Tutorial.  - Luisa Ko (OCT Teacher)

Success Tutorial School offers an excellent program for students who are looking to improve their learning. Classes reinforce concepts studied in school and offer challenges to enhance critical thinking skills. I have been teaching at STS for two and a half years and many of my students have continued learning with me from one grade to the next. One of the best parts about my experience at STS are the great students who I have had the opportunity to watch learn and grow. The homework packages are prepared by STS so I have learned a lot about the curriculum at various grade levels. Weekly quizzes provide excellent insights into students' progress and allow teachers to use assessment for learning practices. I have learned a lot about teaching and my experiences at STS are ones that I have used in interviews for both the occasional teacher's list and LTOs with my school board. I would recommend STS to people who have a passion for teaching and love working with small groups of students.  -Brittany Snowden (OCT Teacher)

I have been working with Success Tutorial School as a teacher over a year now. I have started off teaching intermediate Math classes in the beginning. Eventually, I also got the opportunity to teach primary/junior math classes and grade 1 – 9 English classes. Success Tutorial School has provided me many opportunities to expand my teaching experience with different grades and subjects. As a result, I also got to meet different students with various needs that enable my practice on various teaching approaches and methodologies to accommodate those needs. Since classes are generally small-groups oriented, I am able to connect with my students on a personal level. It has always been very rewarding to watch my students grow academically and socially. It has been a pleasure teaching at Success Tutorial School as it has provided me a vast gratification to impart knowledge to students and watch them grow in various skills. At the same time, the students themselves have influenced me immensely on my teaching journey that has kept me going within this profession. - Tiffany Tong (OCT Teacher)

I have joined the STS team in 2016 after graduating from the Education program at York University. As a new teacher, Success Tutorial School has provided me many teaching opportunities to build on my repertoire of teaching strategies. Throughout my teaching experience at STS as an English and Math teacher, I had the opportunity to teach different grade levels, from Primary to Intermediate division. Teaching at STS has expanded my teaching career and development, knowledge in communication and classroom management skills. This summer, I had the great opportunity to design and teach a Carnival themed Summer Learning Camp for a Grade 3/4 class. I was able to apply my knowledge and skills while planning for the camp's activities. At STS, teachers model and explain effective examples in relation to the curriculum for students in small class sizes. Teaching at STS has provided me further valuable classroom experience and contributed to my teaching profession. 

I would recommend any teachers to join the STS team and work alongside supportive staff in a dynamic and welcoming environment!  - Yvonne Feng (OCT Teacher)

Having worked at STS for over 4 years, I can personally attest to the incredible administrative team that is welcoming, supportive, and patient ─ you’re always made to feel a part of the STS family. When I first started at STS, I had a lot of questions and the wonderful receptionists would help me navigate my way around the school and would resolve any inquiries I had with the utmost amount of patience and kindness. Joining STS straight out of teachers college was my first step into the teaching profession and it was from my experience with STS that opened many doors to other employment opportunities. Because of STS’s operating hours, I am able to pursue both my full time job with the York Region District School Board while maintaining my STS classes in the evenings and on the weekends. For me, an open line of communication is key to a successful and positive workplace. I know that I can always communicate with my supervisors knowing that they’ll always listen and take my thoughts into consideration. If you choose to join STS, know that you will always be well taken care of. - CW (OCT Teacher)

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