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Frequently Asked Questions at Success Tutorial School

What is Success Tutorial School’s history and mission?

Our passion is to help students succeed in their day schools.  Whether you are a top student at your school and want to do even better or, someone who is struggling a little at school, our mission is to provide a high-standard, comprehensive and meaningful after-school program for our students.

With nearly 3 decades of experience in the private tutoring industry, Success Tutorial School has helped thousands of students succeed in their academic studies.  We give you the courage to choose your own path.

How does your program work?

All subjects at Success Tutorial School are taught according to the current Ontario Curriculum with our own lesson plan and materials.  The students meet their subject teacher and fellow students on a regular basis in a small group with an average of 6 to 8 students per class.

At the beginning of the class, we always give a quiz based on last week’s lesson.  Afterwards, we’ll take up the quiz.

The rest of the class time is teaching with lots of examples on the board.  Students are also given what we called “TRY” questions to practice in class after every concept taught.  Our teachers keep the students engaged by asking lots of questions and conduct small group discussion in class.  Students are also required to take notes in class so they can use what they wrote down as a reference.

At the end of the class, the students are assigned their weekly homework and will hand them in for marking the following week.   At the end of each grade, we also have a final exam to assess the overall knowledge of the students.

How is Success Tutorial School different from other tutoring centers?

Our learning materials come from a variety of resources created by a very highly experienced team of teachers. Rather than teaching students how to do worksheets, we actually do active teaching. Because of that, we are proud to say that STS has been around for more than 30 years and continue to expand.

What are the qualifications of your teachers?

We have about 60 teachers working across our campuses.  Most of our teachers hold a Certificate of Qualification to teach in Ontario’s public schools.  We also have teachers who have a postgraduate degree specializing in the teachable subjects. We also welcome individuals who are pursuing their teaching certificate to work at our school.

Do the pace of your courses go hand in hand with day school?

The Curriculum students follow in day schools is what we teach at Success Tutorial School.  We may teach the students the topics faster than day schools depends on the students’ foundation and also the time the students join our program.   For students who have learned the topic before, our classes can offer revision technique and also help to “fill in the blanks” of any missing knowledge.

If students have questions from day school, can they ask their Success Tutorial School teachers?

Students often run into a situation where they need help with their day schoolwork, but there’s no one to help them. At Success Tutorial School, we have a “Homework Headquarters” program, where students can come in and bring in their day school homework, and there will be a tutor here to help them with their work.

How long will it be before we see improvement / results in our grades?

If a student has completed all the required assignments, and has attended all the lessons, they should see improvements in their knowledge in about eight lessons, which is approximately two months. Over the years, we’ve seen thousands of students graduate with distinction, and enter into renowned universities.

When can we start / join your programs?

Students can join our program any time. The students can even join a class half way through or at the end of the course. We have over 200 classes across the campuses, which offer many class options to match different students’ progress and academic needs.

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