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10 Tips on How to Prepare for Grade 12 Calculus

It’s no secret; Grade 12 Calculus is a challenging course. Many students struggle because they are learning new and complicated …

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14 Ways You Can Improve on Your Reading

Having trouble with reading is more common than people think. Luckily, we have proven methods that can help you improve …

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What do you Learn in Grade 11 Biology in Ontario?

Students preparing for Grade 11 Biology should be prepared to learn about five major concepts: Diversity of Living Things Evolution …

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6 Reasons Why a Good Tutoring School is Important

We can all recall a time where we were frustrated in school and wish we had additional support to help …

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7 Benefits of Online Tutoring

With the current COVID-19 pandemic taking place, everyone is urged to stay home. This is certainly an issue for students …

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15 Ways to Provide a Successful School Year During COVID-19

This year back-to- school certainly looks different from other years. Many parents had a difficult decision to make between online …

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