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5 Tips to Prepare for Grade 12 Advanced Functions

As students move onto high school and move to more complicated materials, it is important that they are appropriately prepared. …

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12 Ways to Help your Child Stay Ahead in School and Succeed

As a parent, your child’s success is likely at the forefront of your mind. Parents do what they can to …

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How to Prevent Students from Falling Behind during the Pandemic

This pandemic has been difficult on all of us, but we are especially seeing difficulties among students and their learning. …

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5 Tips to Prepare Your Child for Highschool English

Literacy skills are invaluable when it comes to your child’s success. Not only are these skills transferable across all subject …

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11 Ways to Prepare Your Child for High School Math

Math can be a tricky subject for many students. In fact, math anxiety is a common occurrence among many students …

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How taking Creative Writing Lessons can be Better than English Tutoring to Improve Your Child’s English

Having strong literacy skills sets your child up with a strong foundation for success. Having the ability to read complex …

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