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Science 9 Academic

Success Tutorial School Grade 9 General Science Tutoring Program provides students with the instruction and practice they need to thoroughly understand the scientific concepts taught at each grade level. Learn ahead or review the topics that are covered in day school and build greater confidence in biology, chemistry, physics, and general science concepts.

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All teaching materials in our classes are in accordance with the Ontario Ministry of Education curriculum standards.

Grade 9 General Science Course Outline

Lesson 1: Atoms and Elements, and Properties and Changes

Lesson 2: Properties and Changes cont. and The Elements

Lesson 3: The Elements cont.

Lesson 4: Models of Atomic Structures

Lesson 5: Chemical Bonding

Lesson 6: Chemical Bonding cont.

Lesson 7: Static Electricity

Lesson 8: Electricity on the Move

Lesson 9: Electricity on the Move cont. and Practical Electricity

Lesson 10: Practical Electricity cont. and Electricity and the Environment  

Lesson 11: Electricity and the Environment cont.

Lesson 12: Connecting Links

Lesson 13: Cycle of Life

Lesson 14: Cycle of Life cont.

Lesson 15: Changes and Sustainability

Lesson 16: Planet Home

Lesson 17: Exam Review I: Chemistry

Lesson 18: Exam Review II: Physics

Lesson 19: Exam Review III: Biology

Lesson 20: Final Exam

Our Teaching Method

1: The Entry Test
Each new student is individually assessed by writing an STS entry test. This test ensures that students are registered in a class that is best suited for their learning needs.

2: STS teaches the course
Our qualified teachers explain concepts with carefully selected examples. Students receive ample support and feedback in small classes averaging 6 to 10 students.

3: Homework & Quizzes
We believe sufficient practice is necessary to support learning, and therefore homework is issued and assessed each lesson. Regular quizzes are also provided to track students’ understanding and progress.

4: Final Examination & Certificate
A course is successfully completed upon writing the STS final exam. A passing grade and an attendance record of 75% and above is rewarded with an STS certificate.

The Recipe for Success

We take learning very seriously at Success Tutorial School.

We have a special recipe for success and we owe everything to careful preparation. Just like any good ol’ recipe, it takes the best ingredients, and careful preparation to ensure the best results. To get our students ready for their lessons at school, we understand who they are, needs and goals. From there, we carefully craft a program that works for them, not us. After all, every student is different in their own way and have different goals they want to achieve, and we respect that! When students see that others’ care about their needs and goals, they automatically become more engaged and want to learn – when students want to learn, academic results can naturally be seen.

What’s Provided

Different aspects of teaching are considered to ensure our tutorial programs remain effective: planning, delivery, communication, activities, and camaraderie. In addition to that, we provide the following to our students to guide them in their lessons and assess their progress:

  • Notes
  • Homework
  • Interactive Activities
  • Supporting Materials (Handouts, Visual Aids, etc.)

What Parents & Students Have To Say

“Success Tutorial School has awesome tutors. They answer questions as quickly as possible. They give easy to understand questions. My child has no problem understanding his lessons.”

– anonymous
Parent of Grade 9 General Science Tutoring Program Student, Scarborough

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Our Grade 9 General Science Tutoring Schedule

Our course timetables are regularly updated. Please view our Program Schedules to get the latest class times.

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Our Story

In 1992, Mr. Paul Choi started Success Tutorial School in a small unit on the second floor of a strip mall. There was only one table, a few chairs, a small desk and a telephone. Paul would be teaching 2 to 3 students of various grades at the same time.

Today, we are very proud that we have been in business for over 26 years! Growing from 1 teacher, a few students to having three campuses with over 60 teachers and administrative staff and more than 1300 students.

Our Locations

We have 3 locations throughout The Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Call or visit your nearest location for more information or to book your Free Assessment today.

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