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Founded in 1992, Success Tutorial School (STS) is one of the leading private tutorial centers in the GTA, with locations in Scarborough, Richmond Hill and Markham. Offering a variety of subjects taught by qualified tutors, STS has a thriving community of over 1300 students learning the skills and techniques to succeed in their day-school endeavors.

STS programs are designed according to the Ontario Curriculum set by the Ministry of Education. We encourage students to learn the materials with us before they learn them in school. Our materials are concisely written with lots of examples, explained by teachers. Over the years, we saw thousands of STS students successfully enter renowned universities, many achieving excellent overall results and placed at top of their school boards.


Step 1:

The Entry Test

Each new student is individually assessed by writing a STS entry test. This test ensures that students are registered into a class that is best suited for their learning needs.

Step 2:

STS teaches the course

Our qualified teachers explain concepts with carefully selected examples. Students receive ample support and feedback in small classes averaging 6 to 10 students.

Step 3:

Homework and Quizzes

We believe sufficient practice is necessary to support learning, and therefore homework is issued and assessed each lesson. Regular quizzes are also provided to track students’ understanding and progress.

Step 4:

Final Examination and Certificate

A course is successfully completed upon writing the STS final exam. A passing grade and an attendance record of 75% and above is rewarded with a STS certificate.

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