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Our Founder

Paul Choi
Founder, School Principal, OCT

Paul is an experienced math teacher in both Canada and Hong Kong. He is also a well-known author of over 60 mathematics text and reference books currently used in Hong Kong. Former students who now send their children to STS may remember having Paul Choi as their senior math teacher at one of our very first STS locations!

STS Supervisory Team
Our supervisory team consists of Eric Choi, Christina Choi, Carrie Wong, Cissy Wu, Jayvis Wan and Julie Diep.  Not only is this team always working hard to make sure your inquiries are answered and expectations exceeded, but they can also be found teaching at the campuses. They love teaching, and genuinely enjoy preparing your children for the future. Does your child have an educational goal they want to achieve? Feel free to consult with any one of these team members to see what they can do to help!

Eric Choi
Education Director, OCT, M.Ed.

Eric is an experienced high school math teacher and has taught at STS for over 20 years. He challenges students to test their limits and push themselves to the next level. The key to Eric’s teaching method is to focus on core foundations and identify weaknesses before tackling more complicated problems. When he is not at STS, you can find Eric taking part in daddy duties, exploring nature, or enjoying local festivities.

Christina Choi
Chief Coordinator, M.A. HRM

Christina joined STS in 1997 and is our management team’s fount of knowledge. With her educational background in human resources and her love for education, Christina is able to bring individuals together and make things happen. If you do not catch Christina at STS, she is probably involved with one of the following: working from home, spending quality time with family, gardening, or exploring a variety of art and cultural events.

Carrie Wong
Training and Development Coordinator, OCT, B.Ed., Hon. B.Sc.

Carrie’s journey with STS began in 2009 as a math and biology teacher. She works very hard to make sure her students are grasping all the important concepts to do well in school and beyond. Thus, one of the ideas she will teach you in biology is you cannot study for tests via osmosis (sleeping on your textbook). With her vast knowledge of teaching (local and abroad) and supervision experience, she is one of our go-to advisors who provides immense support for our staff to promote efficiency and growth within the team. Besides her friendly smile as seen in the picture, Carrie has this super power to spot details like no other.  

Julie Diep
Curriculum Coordinator, OCT, B.Ed., Hon. B.A

Prior to joining STS in 2009, Julie was a former STS student and is now a well-loved teacher of our students. Having taught in both the private and public school systems, she has wonderful insight into the needs of students and teachers and is our go-to for curriculum and classroom management. Julie has a penchant for making everything look fantastic (including her notes on the blackboard) – trust us, she does not feel at ease settling for anything less than perfection.

Cissy Wu

Cissy Wu
Campus Supervisor, M.Com, BBA

Prior to joining STS, Cissy had traveled and worked in many countries including Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. She is very meticulous and productive with many years of customer service and leadership experiences. Her education and training, together with her professional background, have all served to help make her an effective campus supervisor who listens and understands a client or employee’s concerns thoroughly. She never hesitates to acknowledge the good work of our students and staff and also provide constructive feedback. Cissy believes that there is always a solution and there is always a better way!

STS Teaching Team
Our STS teaching team comes from a diverse cultural and educational background. We only recruit the cream of the crop who fall into one of the following categories: pre-service teachers, Ontario College of Teachers, and/or teachers who hold or are pursuing a degree in a related field. Our teachers spend countless hours preparing lessons, and marking homework to provide timely feedback for your children so that they are aware of their strengths and weaknesses.

STS Administrative Team
Our front of the line members are the first ones whom you will meet once you enter our campuses. They are the ones to answer all your phone calls and requests via in person or phone. But wait – that’s not all. They are also responsible for supporting our teaching staff by preparing teaching material, and taking attendance in a timely manner to ensure the safety of your children. They are the true masters at multi-tasking!  

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