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25 Best Ways to Help Your Child Succeed in School

Here are 25 of the best tips on how to help your child achieve great success in school and beyond. By following these simple easy tips, it will greatly enhance your child’s learning and well being.

1. Stay informed about your child’s homework. By knowing about the details of your child’s assigned homework, and when they are due, you will be able to better understand their current level of knowledge and general understandings.

2. Get to know your child’s teachers. Once the school year begins, it is a great idea to meet with your child’s teacher to create a friendly partnership in your child’s education. By establishing this connection and showing that you care, the teachers will be much more likely to notify you of any concerns that may arise throughout the year.

3. Aside from teachers, there are other staff who are involved in the general education and welfare of your child at school. Get to know these individuals to get better insight into the level of care provided by the school, and compensate for areas as needed.

4. To achieve all of the above, it is naturally essential to attend parent-teacher meetings which are created exactly for the purposes above. If you have any difficulties in conversing with the teachers and staff, it would be an excellent idea to bring along someone to interpret for you.

working on school projects5. If parent-teacher meetings are not possible, setting up a regular schedule for phone conference calls would be the next best thing. The most important thing is to have a live real-time open discussion to stay up to date on your child’s progress. Emails could work too, but there may be some things that are left unspoken in an email.

6. Learn more about the school’s programs. Many schools offer additional activities to help build teamwork and character for your child. These are also important areas in a child’s general education and should definitely be considered to achieve a healthy and balanced school life.

7. The best way to get to know the school and create a better environment for your child would be to participate in school events. This creates an opportunity for you to establish great educational partnerships with the school’s staff, and also for them to better understand your child’s personality and needs.

8. Keep track of your child’s academic performance. Be sure to stay up to date on your child’s report card, assignments, and projects. Consistency is important to develop for a child, and by keeping track of the grades, you can help to develop accountability in the child as well.

9. If you believe your child require special services, the school will be able to perform an evaluation to determine whether it is necessary. One good idea is to request the school perform the evaluation using your child’s first language to first eliminate the possibility of a language issue. If language is not the case, then the school’s staff will have a process to assist your child in overcoming other issues that may exist.


10. One basic but often overlooked responsibility is to make sure your child’s homework is fully completed, and done properly. If the parent does not show much interest in the child’s homework, the child may interpret that as homework being unimportant. While your child is doing homework, it is very critical to avoid distraction by having a dedicated place to study. This alternate special area for study will create a mindset of focused dedication whenever your child enters this area, and allow your child’s mind to focus better.

11. If your child requires assistance with homework, it is very important to seek help immediately before frustration sets in for your child. By creating an atmosphere of helpfulness and overcoming adversity, it will establish a mindset of overcoming challenges in the future for the child.

12. Tests are used to determine a student’s progress in learning the materials taught during the year. However, they are also important in establishing confidence and a minimum standard for your child. When it is time for a test, it is a good idea to prepare as early as possible, and with external assistance as necessary. There are many methods for improving test scores, external learning centres will be able to provide training to greatly increase the odds of a higher grade in tests.

13. Stay in daily communication with your child about school. Let your children know you are very interested in their lives and emphasize how important school is. By doing this daily as positive reinforcement, it will develop an excellent habit and mindset for your child.

14. One thing to stay informed about the school is to subscribe to email lists, social media groups and channels, and regularly visit the school’s various websites. This allows you to not only stay informed, but also to connect digitally with other parents as well.

15. As part of a healthy lifestyle, it is important to minimize TV, Internet and video games to lower the level of distraction for your child. These things will greatly distract your child from studying and create greater barriers to putting in effort.

16. Aside from being healthy in the mind, it is also very important to be healthy in the body. Eating well with less sugar and processed foods will enhance the well-being of your child and allow greater focus on tasks at hand.

student treasures art work17. Inspire in a positive way. By showing that you love school and how important it is, you will be able to create a positive impression for your child as well. This positivity will create a greater joy in the daily school life of your child, opening up your child’s mind to learning and meeting new friends.

18. For younger kids, it is important to read to them to encourage a positive reading habit. Doing this regularly will reinforce the habit, and to develop a closer relationship as well. By carefully selecting the types of books to read, it will also open up new areas of interest for your child. These early areas of interest may later develop into lifelong interests in your child’s life.

19. Create a reward for success. By rewarding small things, even simple praises, can greatly reinforce the child’s dedication to higher achievement. This positive reinforcement works best from earlier on, instead of as a bribe much later on in life.

20. It is important to find out the type of curriculum that will be taught to your child through the year. Some subjects may be important for you to additionally discuss with your child to achieve the best possible outcome.

21. If you are having trouble at home with your child, ask the teachers for suggestions on how to create a better learning relationship with your child. They have the professional experience and will often be happy to help.

22. If you have noticed any particular difficulty in specific areas of learning with your child, it is important for you to notify the teacher to pay special attention in that area. Otherwise, your child may seek to hide this learning difficulty to avoid embarrassment and create a situation of slower learning for the particular subject.

23. Instead of reading everything on the internet, the library is an excellent source of information and learning. Go on regular trips to the library with your child to explore the vast works of great authors and have your child be open to whole new areas of interest.

24. Aside from assisting your child, it is also important for your child to learn independence. This independence extends to asking questions, exploring new topics, and finding solutions on their own. This will teach important problem solving skills which are useful for the rest of their lives.

25. School work is important, but living a balanced life can help towards that as well. Foster an interest in sports, music, plays and other interests. Take your children to the library, to bookstores, to museums, to science centres. Encourage a life of active learning and exploration, and your child will develop a deep desire to succeed.

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