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5 Tips to Prepare Your Child for Highschool English

Literacy skills are invaluable when it comes to your child’s success. Not only are these skills transferable across all subject matters in high school, but they are also important to have as your child enters higher education and/or their career. Being an effective reader, writer and communicator can certainly benefit your child and set them up for success. This being said, these skills do not often come naturally, nor do they come on their own. These skills often have to be taught, practiced and refined! With high school around the corner, effective reading, writing and communicating skills are extremely valuable. Here at Success Tutorial School we have compiled a list of tips and tricks on how to prepare your child for high school English.

Encourage Reading at Home

As the parent, it is important to set expectations at home, as well as encourage your children and promote their success. One way to prepare your child for high school English is to create strong reading habits at home. Starting off by reading to them daily when they are still learning to read, promotes the interest of reading as well as creates reading habits, such as reading before bed. Once they can read independently, provide books that are of interest to them in order to encourage reading. Another method is to set a reading goal for your child, for example to read one chapter every night or one chapter book every other week. Celebrate their success when they accomplish their goal to encourage them to continue with their reading! Reading at home develops fluency, efficiency and confidence in young readers and sets them up for success.

Encourage Writing

Writing can often be a challenging task for young learners. This frustration can be caused by lack of ideas, difficulty with spelling, not knowing how to begin and also lack of fine motor skills which makes writing physically difficult. One way to set your child up for success is to promote creative writing at home in as many ways as possible. Depending on their level, you can encourage them to write out the grocery list, write in a daily journal, write a story and so on. Promoting writing at home boosts these skills over time and creates effective and confident writers.

Hire a Tutor

Sometimes practicing at home is not enough to promote success for your child and some students require additional support from professionals. Hiring a professional English tutor with expertise in their field is a wise move. Not only can professional tutors prepare your child for high school English, but they can also help them in getting ahead. Tutors are able to meet your child where they are at and support them in their learning. They are also able to challenge your child as their skills increase and they become more confident in English. Here at Success Tutorial School we meet your child where they are at and help them improve on their skills in order to promote success at school.

Encourage Your Child to Ask for Help

Not all kids are equipped with advocacy skills and may not seek help when they need it. Encourage your child to ask for help when they need it. They can ask questions while in class or attend the teacher’s office hours for more of a one on one approach. This allows them to use class time more effectively, as well as gain insight from their teacher. This can be extremely helpful, as they are receiving help from the teacher that will be grading their work and who likely have an idea of the student’s strength and weaknesses. This will provide insight from the teacher and allow your child to work on areas that need improvement.

Keep up With Deadlines

To help your child prepare for high school English, it is important that your child develops habits to keep up with deadlines. Time management is very important in order to promote success. If your child usually leaves things to the last minute, then it is important to instill appropriate time management skills. Working around deadlines allows them to complete their best work, instead of rushing through to get their work complete. This is especially important when it comes to high school as they will have multiple deadlines across many subjects and will have to keep up with their work.

When it comes to preparing for high school, it is important to provide your child with all of the tools they need tools succeed. As students get older and the material becomes more difficult, it may be wise to find your student professional support in order to promote their success. Here at Success Tutorial School, our goal is to bridge any gaps that your students may have in English and prepare them appropriately. We are also able to move students ahead in their learning to give them a head start before high school. We can provide your child the tools they need to succeed.

August 4, 2022
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