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6 Reasons Why a Good Tutoring School is Important

We can all recall a time where we were frustrated in school and wish we had additional support to help us learn. Especially considering this past year many students have had setbacks due to COVIID-19 and many schools being closed. Due to the pandemic, students lost a lot of valuable learning time and are now requiring additional support to bridge the gaps in their knowledge. Finding a good tutor and tutoring school is very important for your child’s academic success, we highly recommend following these guidelines to find a tutoring school that works well for you and your child!

Tutors can Bridge Gaps in Knowledge

As mentioned, many students may have gaps in their knowledge due to not fully understanding a taught concept in class, but the class moves on to the next step. If a student does not completely understand certain aspects of a concept or subject, this can certainly pose an issue as the class continues to move on. The student will continue to struggle since they had difficulties grasping a certain aspect of the lesson and will have gaps in their understanding and knowledge as the teacher continues to teach new concepts. It is then a vicious cycle where the student cannot grasp the new information without first consolidating the old information. A tutor can assist in bridging those gaps in knowledge and creating a solid foundation for learning among various subjects.

Tutors Provide One on One Support

Although teachers do their best in the classroom to provide support, due to large class sizes and other factors, they are not always able to provide enough support for each student. It is easy for a child to fall behind in the classroom and miss essential parts of a concept. A tutor is able to work one on one with a student and bridge any gaps that your child may have in their learning. Tutors can also work at a pace that is comfortable for your child and that allows them to learn, practice and refine the learning skills at hand.

Tutors build Confidence

Through additional support and practice, tutors can lay the foundation to help your student become more confident and capable in their learning. Tutors have experience in their specialized subjects and can provide in depth lessons that are customized to your child’s needs such as going back to basics or revisiting concepts, in order to solidify them. This will help your child succeed. By providing your child with a tutor, they will be more confident in what they are learning and their abilities to understand and complete the assignments at hand, as well as the ones in the future.

Tutors are Experts in Their Subject

Many tutors are specialized in a certain field or subject and have a lot of experience. They can teach the matter at an in-depth level and pass along tips and tricks to struggling students. These experts also have an understanding of how to make the subject applicable to real-life problems and scenarios, in order to solidify and consolidate the learned concepts. By engaging students in meaningful and real-life learning, students are better able to grasp concepts and apply it to their own lived experiences.

Tutors build Relationships

A good tutoring school understands the value of getting to know their students and building relationships with them in order to tailor teaching and learning to their individual needs and interests. Students are more willing to learn and put effort into their work when they trust their educator. Knowing they have support is a large factor in academic success for children. Tutors that build solid relationships can also tailor lessons and activities in order to fit the needs and interests of their students. They understand how to keep the student engaged and in what areas they may need additional support and practice.

Tutors Communicate with Parents

Tutors communicate with parents and can provide an insight in a child’s success and learning. Tutors can identify both strengths and weaknesses in their learners, which is important to communicate with parents, in order to allow parents to better understand their child’s needs and skills.

At Success Tutorial School, we understand the importance and value of having academic support outside of the classroom. With our 29 years of experience, we have seen first-hand, the difference that small group learning with one on one support, confidence building, and tailoring can do for students. Our ultimate goal is your child’s success and we strive to provide a learning environment for all types of learners, no matter what their needs or level may be. Whether your child is doing online or in-person learning, supplementing their learning is a key aspect to their success. Give your children a head start, a leg up by enrolling them in a tutorial program such as Math, Science, English, French or Creative Writing programs at Success Tutorial School, where we aim to bridge any gaps in your child’s learning or even help them learn ahead! For more information about us, you can access our website here or call us at our following locations: SCARBOROUGH: (416) 412-3170 – RICHMOND HILL: (905) 709-9819 – MARKHAM: (905) 471-3131

February 28, 2021
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