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7 Benefits of Online Tutoring

With the current COVID-19 pandemic taking place, everyone is urged to stay home. This is certainly an issue for students who benefit from accessing additional academic support outside of home and school. However, with online tutoring available, your child is able to receive the support they need, all while doing so safely. This year many things have changed, but the efficiency of teaching and learning online has certainly improved. Due to COVID-19, many schools and parents have selected remote and online learning in order to keep each other safe and stop the spread. Because of this, many educators and students have become proficient at teaching and learning in an online environment. This has provided online tutorial schools to offer their services safely and remotely, which many parents and students have been happy about. Here at Success Tutorial Schools, we understand the value of flexibility in learning and offer our programs online! Continue to read to find out the benefits of online tutoring and if it’s the right choice for you.

Access Tutoring from Anywhere

A benefit of selecting online tutoring services is that you are able to receive it from just about anywhere- as long as you have a device and internet access. If you have been wanting to take the kids to the cottage, but their tutoring takes place on the weekends, this is a great solution! Your children can devote time to their studies and receive the support they need, all while still enjoying well-deserved family time and vacation time. As long as you have access to a device and the internet, Success Tutorial Schools are here to support you and your learning!

Asynchronous Options

If you or your child is unable to commit time to sitting in tutoring sessions that can sometimes be hours long, asynchronous online tutoring may be the perfect option for you! Asynchronous tutoring entails a teacher providing curriculum based lessons and assignments that can be completed at any time throughout the week. Teachers will then provide feedback as the student completes assignments and homework. This allows some flexibility, while still providing additional support and consolidation of learned concepts. If you or your child are unable to dedicate time to sitting in front of a screen, this is a good option to promote academic success in a way that works for you!

No Commuting

With online tutoring, you no longer have to worry about how you’re going to get your child there. Whether your method of transportation is walking, bussing or taking a car, online tutoring eliminates the stress of having to commute, which can easily take up an hour of your day depending on where you and the tutoring school is located. You no longer have to concern yourself with timing, traffic or additional costs for transportation, such as bus passes or fuel costs. With a device and the internet, you can access our academic services art Success Tutorial School from the comfort of your own home!

Time Saving for Parents

With online tutoring, parents no longer have to take their child to tutoring schools and wait for their session to be over. With commuting and waiting for your child to complete their tutoring, you may be wasting hours of your time when you could be at home taking care of other necessities. With online tutoring schools, parents can take the time to prepare meals, complete tasks for work, take care of the home or other children, as well as taking some well-deserved rest time yourself.

Your Child will learn Independence

With online school and tutoring, your child is learning greater independence. As tutoring is completed within the home on an online platform, students do not rely on parents to drive them or schedule their tutoring sessions. Students can take control of this themselves as they can select the times that work for them and they can set up meetings and join meetings independently. Independence is a wonderful skill to develop and instill in your children early on. They become self-sufficient and confident in their abilities to learn and succeed, without relying on others to do things for them.

Online Proficiency

As this past year has shown us with online learning, technology is incredibly important and being proficient at it is becoming increasingly more important. In today’s day and age, children are exposed to technology in ways that children 20 years ago were not. This demonstrates the value and importance of teaching our children skills for working with technology and working online. Promoting online tutoring will allow your child to practice and refine their skills when working with a computer, such as accessing the internet, using a mouse or trackpad, typing skills as well as using the internet for informational purposes.

Stay at Home and Stay Safe

As mentioned, with COVID-19 continuing to be a prominent and important issue that impacts our daily lives, we are asked to stay home to keep everyone safe. Online tutoring allows students to stay within the safe parameters of their home, keeping themselves and their family safe and healthy, all while receiving the additional support they require to succeed academically. Students don’t need to feel like they are falling behind if they require additional support, turning to an online tutor is an effective way to make sure your child is staying on track and can remain confident with their learning.

Here at Success Tutorial School, we understand that many students benefit from additional academic support. We have devoted ourselves to an online platform in order to allow all students to receive the support they need, in the way that they need. We strive to stay flexible while using an online platform to reach your learner, as well as staying safe during COVID-19. Whether your child is doing online or in-person learning, supplementing their learning is a key aspect to their success. Give your children a head start, a leg up by enrolling them in a tutorial program such as Math, Science, English, French or Creative Writing programs at Success Tutorial School, where we aim to bridge any gaps in your child’s learning or even help them learn ahead! With 29 years of experience, we will provide your child the tools they need to succeed. You can access our website here or call us at our following locations: SCARBOROUGH: (416) 412-3170 – RICHMOND HILL: (905) 709-9819 – MARKHAM: (905) 471-3131 for more information.

February 28, 2021
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