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How taking Creative Writing Lessons can be Better than English Tutoring to Improve Your Child’s English

Having strong literacy skills sets your child up with a strong foundation for success. Having the ability to read complex articles as well as write and communicate eloquently allows your child to understand complex concepts and communicate effectively. Although many children do not receive the appropriate tools at typical schools to allow them to unlock their complete potential. In school, English is a mandatory course, whereas creative writing is not mandatory and may not even be offered for your child. However, there are many benefits to taking creative writing as opposed to just English. English tutoring can be repetitive and rigid in structure, whereas creative writing allows for just that- more creativity. If you are looking to improve your child’s literacy skills, creative writing tutoring may be the best option compared to typical English tutoring. Here at Success Tutorial School we have compiled a list of reasons outlining why creative writing could be a better option for your child!

Develop Imagination

Creative writing allows your child to go beyond their usual writing routines and use their imagination. Writers block is a very real difficulty that many students face when writing. Developing imagination allows students to be more readily able to write, without the dreaded writers block. Having a strong imagination, permits students to have in-depth and developed thoughts, which can be communicated through their writing, thinking process, storytelling and oral communication.

With Imagination Comes Vocabulary

Students who utilise their creativity and imagination in their writing are often looking to expand their vocabulary in order to properly convey their thoughts and meaning in their writing. With imagination, vocabulary must be expanded in order to convey meaning to the best of their ability. Due to all of the creative ideas and expression that they are presenting in their writing, students inherently must expand their vocabulary, which in turn creates stronger writers and communicators.

Increased Ability to Think

Creative writing allows students to access imagination and vocabulary that they may not have been able to develop as deeply without creative writing. With this, students are able think more deeply and more critically as their language skills have improved. Think of it this way – without proper imagination or vocabulary, students are not as readily able to think of concepts on their own or to reflect on these concepts with depth. If they do not possess the imagination or vocabulary, they are not as readily able to form in-depth and critical thoughts. Thus, imagination and vocabulary are key components to create in-depth and critical thinkers.

Improved Problem-Solving Skills

With an overall increase of their literacy skills in writing, imagination, vocabulary and critical thinking, students are truly developing their problem-solving skills. Being able to access these critical thinking skills are key components to creating strong problem solvers. Therefore, creative writing can create better problem-solving skills.

It’s Fun

Overall, creative writing is very fun! It allows students to step away from the rigid thinking that is so often found in school settings, including in English class. It allows students to be free in their thinking and their writing, without the common restraints found in English class and tutoring. This permits students to develop their imagination and have fun with their writing! Students who are engaged in their writing, in turn will write more and become better writers. Allowing students to express themselves through writing is a very strong skill to allow them to develop. Letting students have fun with their writing will increase engagement and overall writing skills.

Creative Writing Opens Doors to Job Opportunities

Writing is often a sought-after skill for many companies. In fact, there are many job opportunities for creative writers. Job opportunities include novelist, communications or public relations specialist, grant writer, copywriter and children’s book writer. Provide your child with more opportunities for employment by improving their creative writing skills.

Creative writing is an exciting and engaging opportunity to develop your child’s overall literacy skills. This can make a big impact in your child’s learning, abilities and success. Allow your child to go beyond the rigid expectations of English tutoring and develop their literacy skills by enrolling them into a creative writing program. Here at Success Tutorial School we provide creative writing lessons for all types of writers – beginners, moderate and advanced. We have devoted ourselves to creating an engaging and supportive environment for our learners. We create lessons and activities tailored to your students’ needs and interests. Provide your students with the opportunity to enhance their literacy skills by enrolling them into our Creative Writing program here at Success Tutorial School! With 30 years of experience we will provide your child the tools they need to succeed. You can call us at our following locations: SCARBOROUGH: (416) 412-3170 – RICHMOND HILL: (905) 709-9819 – MARKHAM: (905) 471-3131 for more information.

February 25, 2022
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