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15 Ways to Provide a Successful School Year During COVID-19

This year back-to- school certainly looks different from other years. Many parents had a difficult ...
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Update On Coronavirus (COVID-19)

March 6, 2020 Dear Students, Parents and Guardians, At STS, we take our staff and ...
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Introduction to Fractions

A fraction is a part of a whole. It describes how many parts it has.  ...
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The Eight Parts of Speech

In the English language, words can be classified into the eight parts of speech. Understanding ...
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Top 15 Tips to Prepare for Exams Success

Studying for exam finals can be a very stressful time of a student’s life, but ...
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華裔教師促家長注意 日後或展開全面罷工

安省中學教師聯會周四宣布,教師將會在下周三罷工一天。有華裔教師表示,教師日後可能全面罷工。約克區教育局將盡快決定,學校是否能如常開放。 中學教師蔡老師周四接受星島A1中文電台時事節目《A1出擊》訪問時表示,工會在按章工作展開後兩天,就將行動升級,速度很快。他表示,教師認為,可能按章工作對學生影響不大,成績表又出了,省試又未到,工會可能因此而把行動升級。 他認為,就算教師下周罷工一天,對學生影響也未必太大。以他任教的科目來看,只須把在當天安排的測試改期。他估計,這可能是工會策略,讓省府知道,教師可以罷工一天之餘,行動也會進一步升級,因此家長要有心理準備,中學老師日後可能全面罷工。 Read The Full Article at Sing Tao Daily ...
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become happier student

How to become a happier high school student

Good afternoon everyone, I am Eric Choi, currently a high school math teacher with York ...
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What 20 Qualities You Should Look for in an English Tutor

When looking for an English tutor, be sure to look for several of the most ...
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What 20 Qualities You Should Look for in a Math Tutor

Here are 20 of the most important things one must consider when finding a suitable ...
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