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How to Prepare for Grade 12 Biology

If you’re thinking about taking Grade 12 Biology, you’ve come to the right place! Here you’ll find tips to prepare you for the journey ahead and a list of concepts you’ll be learning throughout the course. 

  1. Make a schedule.
  • If you’ve taken a Biology course before, you already know it requires a lot of memorization. Grade 12 Biology is no different. 
  • To succeed in this course, you will need a lot of time to learn and memorize the new concepts and terminology covered in the course. 
  • The best way to learn concepts in Biology is by understanding how each process works rather than by only memorizing them.
  • If possible, take lighter courses while taking Grade 12 Biology to ensure you have lots of time to study and complete your assignments.
  1. Review the concepts you’ve learned in previous biology courses.
  •  Grade 12 Biology introduces many new concepts that build on topics you’ve seen in Grade 11 Biology.
  • For instance, the topic of Genetics is discussed in both Grade 11 and Grade 12 Biology. However, Grade 12 Biology goes into detail about Genetics on a molecular level. For more information about what you learn in Grade 11 Biology, click here.
  • Hold on to all your course material from Grade 11 Biology and use it to review any concepts you find confusing.
  • It’s very important that you understand fundamental concepts before taking on more challenging topics. 
  1. Ask your teacher or tutor about what you should expect to learn.
  • If you already know who your teacher will be for Grade 12 Biology, send them an email or ask them in person about the topics covered in the course.
  • Having more information about the course content will help you get a head start and learn concepts before you begin.
  • Reviewing these concepts before starting the course will allow you to be well prepared and comfortable to learn them in greater detail. 
  • Talking to your teacher and reviewing concepts early on will help you start Grade 12 Biology on the right foot. It’s also a great way to get to know your teacher!
  1. Read the textbook and try out some practice problems.
  • If the textbook is available to you, reading chapters and completing practice problems is an excellent way to get a head start.
  • Textbooks often provide review chapters to prepare students for the course content ahead. Take advantage of these early chapters and study the concepts they recommend. 
  • Once you have a strong understanding of the fundamental topics, start reading through the chapters and completing the associated practice problems.
  1. Take notes and review them often.
  • As you study your previous course materials, take notes on key concepts and review them as often as possible. 
  • If you’re reading the Grade 12 Biology textbook, make study notes that you can revisit throughout the course.
  • Reviewing study notes and practice problems is an excellent way to help you learn and remain ahead in your Grade 12 Biology class. 
  • Have a friend make study notes with you. Together, you can quiz yourselves to test your understanding. 
  1. Review Genetics.
  • A major portion of Grade 12 Biology goes into detail about molecular genetics.
  • To prepare yourself for the genetic processes you’ll be learning about in this course, take time to thoroughly study the genetics content you’ve seen in Grade 11 Biology
  • Familiarize yourself with the structure and function of DNA and RNA and the roles they each play in protein synthesis.
  • In order for cells to synthesize proteins, DNA undergoes transcription to produce RNA, which is then translated into a protein. 
  • Grade 12 Biology describes these processes in great detail, so be sure to have a thorough understanding of these topics.
  1. Study new topics such as metabolic processes.
  • As we’ve mentioned before, it’s best to learn new topics ahead of time, so you’re comfortable learning them in greater detail in the classroom. 
  • Metabolic processes discussed in Grade 12 Biology are one of these new and tricky topics.
  • You will learn about the enzymes involved in energy production in both animal and plant cells.
  • This topic includes many biochemical reactions, such as hydrolysis, condensation, neutralization, and redox.
  • Study these reactions to prepare yourself to learn about metabolic processes in cells.
  1. Visual aids and pictures are the keys to success.
  • This tip is especially helpful for anyone taking Biology. 
  • Many topics go into detail about cellular processes and the organelles involved in these processes.
  • Drawing pictures will help you understand where reactions occur and the parts of the cell responsible for each process.
  • Use these visual aids to review any concepts you may find confusing.
  • Drawing out biochemical reactions and other cellular processes will not only improve your understanding but is also an excellent way to consolidate the information into long-term memory.
  1. Find a friend who wants to learn ahead of the course.
  • Grade 12 Biology is challenging and requires a lot of time and dedication to succeed. 
  • If you have a friend who’s interested in taking Grade 12 Biology, ask them to study new topics with you ahead of the course.
  • Having a study buddy to work with will keep you motivated to continue learning and help you understand tricky concepts.
  • You’re also likely to learn new approaches to your study methods when working with a friend. 
  • Helping a friend learn is an excellent way for you to learn, too!
  1. Trust your abilities.
  • Confidence is key!
  • Grade 12 Biology can be a challenging course, and it’s normal to feel overwhelmed.
  • Don’t give up! The concepts you’re learning take time to fully understand and remember. 
  • If you’re having a hard time with a specific topic, reach out for some help. Ask a tutor, teacher or friend.
  • Remember to always take breaks for eating and exercise. You’ll learn in Grade 12 Biology that it’s very important to get your blood flowing, and it’s good for your brain, too!
  • Keep studying and remind yourself that you’ve got what it takes to succeed in Grade 12 Biology.

If you follow all the above tips, you have everything you need to prepare yourself for success in Grade 12 Biology. This course requires a lot of time and practice to grasp new concepts. If you or someone you know is having a hard time with Grade 12 Biology, don’t hesitate to ask for help! Here at Success Tutorial School, we offer several programs to help students prepare for Biology courses and assist those already enrolled in Biology. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you or your child learn ahead and succeed in Grade 12 Biology.

May 25, 2021
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