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How to Prevent Students from Falling Behind during the Pandemic

This pandemic has been difficult on all of us, but we are especially seeing difficulties among students and their learning. When the pandemic began, many people believed that it would not last long and would not have a great impact on our children and their schooling.  However, as time has passed, it is certain that this lengthy pandemic has greatly impacted our children and their schooling. As a parent, it is normal to feel concerned over your children and their success, but especially now during this detrimental time in their learning. Here at Success Tutorial School we have compiled a list of tips and tricks in order to prevent your child from falling further behind

Support Your Child 

As students have been struggling with keeping up to date on work as well as understand concepts taught in school, it is important that you as a parent help and support them.  If there are concepts, they do not understand or assignments they are finding difficult, you can support them through their work. Now, that is not to say that you should be doing their work for them, as this will not get them ahead in the long run. But providing some academic support and going through material with them, can help keep them on the right track. 

Find Tutoring Support  

Sometimes, when it comes to school subjects, it may be difficult for parents to support as concepts become more and more difficult with age. This being said, finding a professional to support your child is a wise decision. Tutors can provide academic support that can fill any gaps in knowledge that your child may have due to the pandemic.  Not only can tutors help your child catch up, but they can also move them ahead once your child is ready. By creating solid foundation of understanding, tutors can take one step further and teach future ideas and concepts to your child so that when they come across them at school, they are prepared. At Success Tutorial School, we aim to bridge any gaps in knowledge and crate a solid foundation of understanding in order to promote academic success for your child. 

Focus on Your Child’s Mental Well-being

One of the main areas where we are seeing the greatest detrimental impact among students is in their mental well-being. Many of the areas of school that provide joy and mental well-being have been canceled or suspended, such as clubs, sports and social gatherings. This can severely impact their mental health as the things that bring them joy at school, no longer exist. During this time, it is important to ensure that your child’s mental well-being is in check. If your child is struggling with their mental health, it is likely that they will have difficulty with concentration and motivation when it comes to their studies and assignments. Therefore, in order to allow them to perform to the best of their abilities academically, it is important that you ensure they are doing well mentally and emotionally.  

Hold Your Child Accountable with Online Learning 

When it comes to online learning, it is easy for students to become distracted during lessons, especially when they are at home or in their room alone. There are many distractions for them at home and in their room, such as their phone and video games. These distractions take away from students focusing on their lesson, especially if they do not have an adult present during their lessons to hold them accountable for their focus. Teachers are not always able to tell who is distracted and who is not, when it comes to online learning. Therefore, as the parent it is important to hold your child accountable for their learning. Check in and ask about their lessons, look at their homework, their assignments and their due dates in order to help your child take greater responsibility for their learning. 

Check-in with In-Person Learning 

It is also just as common for students to fall behind when they are learning in-person. Students may often say that they do not have any work to do or have completed it at school. It is important to check in with your child and ask them what they are learning. You can even ask them to show you work samples. This holds the child accountable for completing their work as they know you will check it. This technique also provides insight as the parent in what they are learning and where their struggles may lie. 

Seek Teacher Support 

Encourage your child to advocate for themselves and seek support directly from the teacher. By asking questions as soon as your child doesn’t understand something, this prevents them from falling further and further behind as the teacher continues the lessons and the unit. In addition to asking questions during the lessons, your child can access extra support from the teacher during their office hours in order to ensure they understand the lesson and concepts to the best of their abilities. This will prevent your child from falling behind as well as build advocacy skills.  

This pandemic has certainly taken a toll on many of us. Your child and their learning have certainly had challenges to overcome throughout this pandemic. It is important to take the necessary steps in order to prevent your child from falling further behind in the learning due to the pandemic. Here at Success Tutorial School, our goal is to bridge any gaps in knowledge and understanding that your student may have. We strive to create lessons that are engaging and resonate with every student in order to give them a solid foundation of understand and the confidence to continue their studies effectively. With 29 years of experience we will provide your child the tools they need to succeed this year.

August 4, 2022
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