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What 20 Qualities You Should Look for in an English Tutor

When looking for an English tutor, be sure to look for several of the most important qualities for the task. Whether you are looking for a tutor for ESL or higher level English, the 20 suggestions below will help you find the ideal tutors for your child.

1 ) Organized

All teachers should be organized, and it is especially very true for English tutors. Many ESL students may require significant assistance, so it is important to have an effective and organized structure when preparing for lessons.

2 ) Engaging Personality

While higher level English classes will be spent writing essays, the beginner level ESL classes will benefit from a tutor that can make the lesson fun and engaging. This is important as an introduction of the language to the students, to create a positive experience in learning this new language.

3 ) Innovative Tutor

For students who may be new to the English language, different students will have different areas of difficulties in learning. An innovative tutor will be able to try different approaches until finding one that works best with the student.

4 ) Independent Personality

A tutor who is a strong independent person will be able to help students develop into independent thinkers as well. This is important when learning a language to become truly proficient with it, by being able to correctly assess their own performance and areas that need improvement.

5 ) Social Skills

A tutor who is able to teach social skills will greatly help a student develop into a person with strong social skills as well. While studying the details of the English language is great, practice with others in a social setting is an important necessity to learn efficiently.

6 ) Knowledgeable

Having full knowledge of the English language does not mean merely knowing how to speak it, but also the rules behind it. By fully understanding the structure of the language, a great tutor will be able to better explain how to utilize the English language accurately.

7 ) Flexibility

A great tutor will be flexible in the lesson plan. This does not mean coming unprepared, but in adapting lesson plans to different situations and student needs. This ability to adjust the lesson plan will increase the learning efficiencies of every student in the class.

8 ) Instruction Techniques

There are many areas to teach in English, including reading, writing, viewing, listening and speaking. Having a solid grasp of established teaching techniques will enhance the learning experience of students and produce the best possible results.

9 ) Management Techniques

Not managing employees, but managing students. To achieve a focused learning environment, a good tutor should be able to manage their students successfully. This means having and using a combination of several skill sets to get the students to respect and listen carefully to the tutor.

10 ) Caring Person

Having a tutor that is caring will go a long way towards putting in that extra effort to ensure the students learn properly. If the students also feel that the tutor cares about them, it will also enhance the learning receptiveness of the students.

11 ) Sense of Humour

Sometimes a classroom may get stressful from learning challenges to other unexpected difficulties. Having a nice sense of humour will help defuse the stress and tension in the classroom for both teacher and students.

12 ) Cultural Knowledge

Having cultural knowledge of the students will help a tutor to be a much more effective teacher. Understanding the situation culturally from the student’s perspective will greatly help the tutor to connect with students and create a bond of empathy.

13 ) Great Listening Skills

Teaching isn’t just about talking at students, but also listening to them. By taking the time to listen to what each student is saying, the tutor will be able to better understand the student’s needs and adapt the learning experience for them.

14 ) Passion for English

Having the knowledge of the English language is one thing, but being actually interested and passionate about the English language will go a long way in transferring some of that passion to the students. This will invite the students to accept the teachings more readily and perhaps even explore additional materials on their own.

15 ) Developing Relationships

Some lessons may not be fully understood by the time the class is over, and that is where establishing a good relationship between tutor and student will help. By having the student opening up to the tutor, the student will be much more likely to ask further questions when necessary.

16 ) Work Ethic

Having a strong work ethic is important to all professions, but especially to teachers. This sets a great example for students and will gain their respect as well.

17 ) Having a High Expectation

A tutor who is able to have a high expectation of students usually mean they have a high expectation for their own teaching as well. By being able to see how to challenge each student to the maximum potential, a great tutor will be able to produce top results in their class.

18 ) Allowing for more Talk Time

This tip is especially important for ESL classes where students may struggle to learn the English language for the first time. By allocating more time for talking in English, this will get the students acquainted with the language in the most efficient way possible.

19 ) Be Able to Provide Feedback

A great tutor will be able to provide insightful feedback to their students. While going through all the material is great, proper feedback to the students will enable the students to realize which area to focus their learning on to best improve.

20 ) Presentation

After meeting most of the other requirements, the final important point is for a teacher to look professional. This simple thing will promote respect for the teacher and promote order and discipline in the educational experience of the students.

Get the Best English Tutors for Your Child

By following these 20 tips for finding the best English tutor, you will find a great tutor for your child’s English education and success.

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