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What 20 Qualities You Should Look for in a Math Tutor

Here are 20 of the most important things one must consider when finding a suitable math tutor for your child. Some of the things in this list may seem obvious, but oftentimes they are overlooked. Follow this guide to help your child achieve success in math.

1 ) Math Expertise and Knowledge

This one may seem the most obvious, as you may expect every tutor to have the required qualifications. However, this is not always the case. Be sure that your tutor have the appropriate qualifications for the math subject to be tutored. A high school diploma for primary and middle school tutoring, and an undergraduate degree with emphasis on mathematics, engineering or science for high school and higher tutoring.

2 ) Past Experience

Learning how to tutor is a skill gained over time, so be sure your potential tutor have the experience in this area. With an experienced tutor, all of the tutoring time is spent tutoring, instead of having trouble communicating effectively with your child.

3 ) Location and Schedule

To minimize cost and stress, convenient schedule and locations are important. Any time spent traveling back and forth means time taken away from studies.

4 ) Personalization

Be sure that your tutor have the ability and planning to assess students on a one-on-one basis, to create a custom learning plan that best suit your child’s needs.

5) Passion for Math

While many tutors may know how to do math, not all are enthusiastic about the subject. Be sure to find one that is, so that some of the passion gets passed along to your child to enhance the learning experience.

6 ) Having a Good Reputation

Looking into the reputation of a tutor is very important. While it is not a guaranteed proof of quality, it does help to eliminate the worst of them. Ask the tutor for references from the parents of current or past students, or other trustworthy social listing to see reviews.

7 ) Having Patience

Be sure to observe how the tutor explains concepts to your child, particularly those that your child may have some trouble with learning. A tutor having the patience to teach in a calm and methodical manner is highly critical for success.

8) Preparation

While many tutors are sufficient with their level of math knowledge, be sure to find a tutor that comes to class fully prepared with what to teach ahead of time. This shows a more thoughtful tutor and one that will be able to create the best lessons for your child.

9 ) Good with Technology

Many technologies exist as learning tools for tutoring. This includes visual presentation and communication to the students. Being good with technology also means being able to stay up to date with the latest knowledge and teaching methods as well.

10 ) Professionalism

Finding a great tutor means viewing the tutoring position seriously as a professional job. A great tutor will act and appear professionally during your communications with them.

11 ) Availability

Great tutors are hard to come by and may be in high demand. However, finding a tutor that does not take on too many students is also important. This allows your child to be able to ask follow-up questions beyond the tutoring session.

12 ) Strong Motivator

Sometimes a particular subject may be extra challenging to your child, and that is when a strong motivator will make a major difference. Be sure that your tutor can motivate your child properly.

13) Reliability

A great tutor needs to be reliable. This means being consistent on preparation, meeting schedules, and covering all the necessary learning materials consistently.

14) Positivity

Being positive is a bit different from plain motivation. If initial motivation efforts fail, the tutor having a positive attitude as a person will help greatly to push through learning difficulties for your child.

15) Interactive

Talking at your child for the entire lesson is not optimal for success. Having an interactive learning experience with great communication will enable much better learning for your child.

16) Adaptive Resourcefulness

If one learning technique does not work, a resourceful tutor will be able to try additional methods until one works for your child. This is highly important since the needs of every child are different.

17 ) Desire for Success

Finding a tutor that genuinely cares about your child’s success will be critical in excellent tutoring. Such a caring tutor will try different methods until finding one appropriate for your child.

18 ) Student to Teacher Ratio

In the classroom, having the lowest possible student to teacher ratio is the best. Every child have different learning needs, so a low ratio will allow the teacher to customize the teaching plan to accommodate every student properly.

19 ) Leadership

A teacher in a classroom setting needs to command respect from the students, and this means having strong leadership. Your child will more readily listen to the tutor if there is a level of extra respect present.

20 ) Testing

Having tests is absolutely necessary to track the progress of the tutoring. Be sure to including testing in the teaching plans for your child’s education.

Our Qualified Math Tutors Can Help Your Child

By following these 20 tips for finding the best math tutor, you are on your way to achieving great success with your child’s math education.

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