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Vision Youth Leadership Program

Vision Youth

Vision Youth Leadership Program was created in 2001.  It was designed to coach youths from 14 to 19 years old to develop life skills which are essential to prepare them for a rewarding future. Vision Youth provides participants the opportunities to explore a multitude of topics and ideas in an inspiring and supportive environment that helps to develop self-confidence, communication skills, leadership skills and an awareness of political and social issues.  The Program encourages youths to learn and apply their physical, social, and leadership skills through a holistic training approach.

Vision Youth is a 100% volunteer run organization that teams up with many community partners to help make an impact on the lives of our youths.

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Upcoming Vision Youth Events:

Mr. Eric Choi, Education Director of Success Tutorial School has been invited as the keynote speaker at Vision Youth Opening Ceremony 2019 on June 30.    

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