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6 Ways to Find a Math Tutor for Your Child

When it comes to the education of our children, we always want the best for them. In today’s school setting it is difficult for students to access the support they need when they are in class. With large class sizes, time restrictions and budget cuts in our education system, there could be negative impacts on your child’s academic development and success. It is no wonder that students and parents are seeking external help to support their learning, particularly when it comes to Math. Math is the foundation of many skills, knowledge and employment opportunities, we all want our children to succeed in Math. Here at Success Tutorial School we understand the importance of building a strong foundation in Math! We have compiled a list of tips and tricks for finding a Math tutor for your child!

Ask Your Childs’ Educator

Although teachers can provide some additional support during breaks in the school day such as lunch and recess, this may not be sufficient enough for your child. Ask your child’s teacher directly if they know of any additional supports that your child can access such as tutors and tutor companies. Often times, teachers are able to provide recommendations of tutors that can assist your child.

In-School Peer Support

In some schools there are peer support programs. This is where a student may tutor another student during school hours or after school hours. This is a good option if location is an issue, as students who are already at school can receive the support on campus. However, this strategy does not always work as peers are not trained professionals and may not have the best skills in teaching and supporting learning.

Word of Mouth

Another method to finding a math tutor is asking around. Your child may have friends that are receiving extra support in math, so asking other parents or students may be a helpful way in finding a math tutor. Keep in mind when using word of mouth, that not all tutors are equal. Some tutors have experience in education and a background in math, whereas others may not have the expertise in order to build a strong foundation in math and solidify your child’s learning. Take the extra time to check the background and abilities of your child’s tutor.

Check the Community Center and Library

The next time you find yourself at your local library or community center, check out any bulletin boards as they may have information for people who are looking for tutoring or school support. If you are at the library, you can also ask the librarian for any information regarding local or online tutoring companies that can assist with Math.

Find a Professional Tutoring Company

Although you may find a tutor for your child using word of mouth or peer support, the tutor that you find may not be qualified in teaching. This being said, they may not be able to provide your child with methods and strategies that are supplementing learning and providing a solid foundation in their Math skills and knowledge. Here at Success Tutorial School we are a professional tutoring company with educators that are specialized in providing effective teaching methods. Our tutors provide well-rounded lessons that build on your child’s foundation of math skills in order to build confidence and understanding in Math. With flexibility in location, as well as providing online support and tutoring, we are the key in helping your child succeed!

Search Online!

Doing a search on the internet might be a good starting point for finding a tutor! It also provides a good idea of what is out there including cost and skills. When looking for a Math tutor for your child take some time to shop around and weigh your options, you may not want to enroll them into the first program you find or hire the first tutor you see on the internet. Make sure you do your research before agreeing to meet or pay anyone. Testimonials are also a great way to check if a tutor or tutoring company is a good choice, at Success Tutoring School we have testimonials from both parents and students that are pleased with our teaching methods and their results!

Here at Success Tutorial School we understand that many students benefit from additional academic support. We have devoted ourselves to provide tutoring and lessons that support our learners, build their confidence and solidify their understanding. Whether your child is doing school online or in-person, supplementing their learning is a key aspect to their success. Give your students a leg up by enrolling them into a tutor program such as the Math or English programs found at Success Tutorial School, where we aim to bridge any gaps in your child’s learning! With 29 years of experience we will provide your child the tools they need to succeed. You can access our website here or call us at our following locations: SCARBOROUGH: (416) 412-3170 – RICHMOND HILL: (905) 709-9819 – MARKHAM: (905) 471-3131 for more information.

June 28, 2021
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