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5 Tips to Prepare for Grade 12 Advanced Functions

As students move onto high school and move to more complicated materials, it is important that they are appropriately prepared. Math is often a subject where students feel the least prepared or have the most anxiety. Therefore, it is important to prepare our students for this material. Particularly for their final year of high school math, prior to moving onto graduation. Here at Success Tutorial Schools we have compiled a list of tips and tricks in order to prepare your child for Grade 12 Advanced Functions and face their math anxiety.

1. Create Strong Study Habits

In order to prepare your child properly for their upcoming school year, it is important to reinforce strong study habits. Strong study habits allow your child to best prepare and feel confident in their skills and their learning. Creating good study habits includes creating a schedule that your child is expected to stick to in order to complete tasks such as homework and studying. Reinforcing this schedule creates habits for your child to sit down to review, complete or study their material. In turn, this will allow your child to feel more confident and prepared in math, thereby being more successful in their subject.

2. Review Past Materials

To prepare your child for Grade 12 Advance Functions, it is important to review material from the prior academic year. By reviewing past concepts, this allows your child to create a solid foundation for the upcoming material that they will be learning in Grade 12 Advanced Functions. Having a solid understanding of previous concepts, makes it easier for students to build on those concepts and absorb the new material. Ideas for reviewing past material can include reviewing old textbooks and tests, reviewing previous practice questions, as well as reviewing the curriculum to ensure your child understands the concepts before moving forward.

3. Hire a Professional Tutor

Despite students who may have excellent study habits and work ethic, some children may need additional support to help them succeed. Hiring a professional tutor may be a wise decision in order to support your child and promote their success. Here at Success Tutorial School we strive to fill any gaps in student learning by supporting students by using teaching strategies that best fit your child. We meet your student where they are at and focus on building a solid foundation of understanding. This allows your child to feel confident and capable in their learning, overall promoting their success.

4. Growth Mindset

Many students often face anxiety when it comes to math. In fact, many educators refer to this as Math Anxiety, which has become increasingly common among students. Math is a subject in which parents, teachers and society place a large emphasis on success. This causes students to feel additional pressure to succeed in math. This pressure can actually lead to students doing worse in the subject as they have difficulty overcoming their anxiety and worries in the subject, which makes it more difficult for them to focus and be confident in their skills. As students move on to higher grades and face more difficult math content, this math anxiety often increases which can be detrimental to your child’s success. In order to reduce math anxiety, ensure you are teaching your children a growth mindset. This means allowing your child to make mistakes and that these mistakes are making them better learners. Growth mindset also includes using positive affirmations that students are capable of completing difficult math tasks.

5. Seek Support from the Teacher

Another way to prepare your child for Grade 12 Advanced Functions is to seek support from your child’s teacher. Keeping open communication between parent and teacher, allows you to understand where your child may need additional support. Teachers can provide additional insight into what your child needs to work on and what skills need to be refined in order to be successful in Grade 12 Advanced Functions. Additionally, encourage your child to seek support at school in order to help them with their learning. Students can seek support in class by asking questions and having their teacher review their work, as well as visit their teacher during office hours. Having the additional support at school can help promote confidence and success in your child’s learning.

Students are often unprepared for high school as they may not have the appropriate learning skills, tools or confidence in order reach their full potential for success. Provide your child with academic support by enrolling them into our Math tutoring program, where we aim to bridge any gaps in your child’s learning! With 30 years of experience we will provide your child the
tools they need to succeed this year. You can access our website here or call us at our following locations: SCARBOROUGH: (416) 412-3170 – RICHMOND HILL: (905) 709-9819 – MARKHAM: (905) 471 – 3131 for more information.

September 20, 2022
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