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5 Tips On How to Prepare for Grade 9 Math

Going into high school math can certainly be intimidating, especially when you are unsure what to expect or have not had good experiences in math. Here at Success Tutorial School we care about your success and have compiled our top 5 tips to prepare you for success in grade 9 math.

Review Last Year’s Notes

Before moving into the next grade level, it is wise to review your math notes, assignments, tests and exercises from the previous year. When looking over your past years work, make sure that you have a complete understanding of the material because grade 9 math builds upon grade 8 math. If you are having struggles understanding previous year’s work, you may want to consider seeking additional help from professional tutors. At Success Tutorial School we aim to fill any gaps in understanding so that our students feel confident in their abilities before moving onto their next year. If you are aiming for a successful year in grade 9 math, Success Tutorial School can prepare you to achieve your goals in grade 9.

Set Goals and Routine

In order to be successful in grade 9 math it is important to set achievable goals and set a firm routine. Setting achievable goals allows you to pursue something concrete as well as hones in on your focus to work towards those goals. Having goals means having a plan in place which often leads to success. This being said, your plan should include a solid routine of studying, reviewing notes, completing assignments, and even seeking additional support if needed. Signing up for a weekly tutoring session, or multiple sessions, creates that sense of routine and promotes success when sticking to that routine. For example, if you know that every Tuesday and Thursday you are going to get support in math from a tutor, you are more likely to stick to reviewing your concepts and working on your assignments as you already have a time-slot and location in place. Tutor support can not only help solidify your routine, it also promotes comprehension and overall success in your studies. At Success Tutorial School we offerent multiple time options throughout the week to create a solid routine for you and encourage your success in grade 9 math.

Take a Course Before You Start

A great way to really get a leg up before starting grade 9 math, is to take a course prior to your math class. Whether that be before the start of the school year during the summer or before the start of a new semester, taking a course can really boost your knowledge and your confidence. Learning concepts outside of the classroom and in a smaller environment can solidify concepts when they are introduced in class. Having prior knowledge before entering grade 9 math allows you to have a leg up and feel more confident in your skills when learning it in a classroom environment. Here at Success Tutorial Schools we offer programs to prepare you before entering grade 9 math. This program allows students to gain understanding and knowledge with a professional and experienced tutor that can support you and fill gaps in your knowledge, allowing you to be on track to achieving your goals and find success before even stepping foot into the classroom.

Look at the Curriculum

Before going into grade 9 math, take a look at the curriculum. It is best to know what the expectations will be beforehand so that you can identify elements that may be more challenging for you and prepare yourself for those units. Additionally, you can start practicing those concepts early on by seeking out a tutor that can help you understand the aspects that you may find more challenging.

Get Organized

In order to be successful, it is important to be organized. Much like creating goals and a solid routine, you must maintain those routines by being organized. Ensure that your binder, notebooks, online resources, and more are all organized. If you are unorganized, it will be difficult to complete your homework, assignments as well as study for tests.

Although going into high school math can be intimidating, using these tips will set you up for a successful year! It is important to set yourself up for success early on in the school year in order to set the tone for the entire year. Attending weekly tutoring sessions can certainly give you a leg up and help you achieve your goals in grade 9 math. Here at Success Tutorial School we aim to bridge any gaps in knowledge and prepare our students for success. We pride ourselves in offering multiple professional programs to support you in achieving your goals as best as possible. You can call us at our following locations for more information:

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November 15, 2023
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