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How to Prepare for Grade 11 Math

When it comes to academic success, your child can never be too prepared. Frequently, students who tend to do poorly in their courses are more likely to have poor time management, difficulty with focus and lack of preparedness for their course. Poor performance in math class can be prevented by providing your child with the appropriate tools for success. Keep in mind that grade 11 math is just shy of grade 12, where your child will likely be completing their high school career and advancing to their next life step such as college, university or employment. Success in math can help set your child up for their future schooling and/or career. Here at Success Tutorial School, we have compiled a list of tips and tricks to prepare your child for success in grade 11 math!

Time management

Time management is an important skill to teach your child in order to set them up for success. Allowing your child to recognize how to use their time effectively can lead to stronger focus and less overall stress. Once they have the proper time management tools, they can approach their task with confidence and focus as opposed to working on and off which is not necessarily an effective method for all students.

Review last year’s concept

Reviewing last year’s concepts is a great way to prepare your child for grade 11 math. There may be some concepts from grade 10 that your child has forgotten as time has passed, or concepts that perhaps they may not have completely solidified. Prior to moving onto grade 11 concepts, it is wise to review those concepts in order to ensure your child has a solid foundation before adding additional methods, theories and concepts.

Take a look at the math curriculum

As students approach grade 11, they can look at the concepts and theories that they will explore the following year by looking at the curriculum. By reviewing the curriculum students can get a sneak peek at the expectations that they will be working on, as well as the concepts that will be built off of from the following year. Previewing the concepts that they will be working on in grade 11, students can review those from the previous year and ensure their skills are solidified so they are ready to build upon that foundation. Curriculum documents are available to the public and can be found online.

Find a suitable math tutor

Another way to set up your child for success in grade 11 math, is to find a suitable math tutor for your child. Math tutors can support your child and their needs, filling in the gaps they may have from years prior. It is important to solidify past concepts; this allows students to build off these concepts and add on new theories and ideas with more ease and efficacy. Tutors can also work on the concepts that are being taught in your child’s class. This allows them to develop their skills and gain confidence in themselves. Additionally, tutors can introduce the new concepts to students in advance, before the teacher does. This will allow the students to get ahead and prepare them for these concepts in the classroom. If you are interested in providing your child with a supportive tutor, Success Tutorial School is committed to advancing your child and preparing them for any academic challenges they may face.

Practice over the summer

Although students should be rewarded with time to relax and reset over the summer, they also likely have free time here and here practicing their math concepts over the summer. Often it is found that when students are not practicing over the summer, they come back to school having forgotten some of the concepts and being rusty. Having them practice their math work throughout the summer is a good idea to prevent your child from getting rusty or forgetting math concepts.

Spiral through math concepts

Spiraling is a term that means reviewing different units and strands of math multiple times throughout the year, as opposed to completing one unit and not returning to it for the remainder of the year. Although not all teachers do this in their practice, it is a great way to keep math concepts fresh in your child’s mind and solidify understanding. Encouraging your child to review the different units, tests and practice work that they have completed throughout the year.

Preparing your child for success is always important. Our team at Success Tutorial School understand the value of creating proficient math students. Our goal is to bridge any gaps in learning and create confident and competent math students. Provide your child with the extra support and confidence boost they may need for success in grade 10 math, by enrolling them into our math program! With 30 years of experience we will provide your child the tools they need to succeed. You can call us at our following locations: SCARBOROUGH: (416) 412-3170 – RICHMOND HILL: (905) 709-9819 – MARKHAM: (905) 471-3131 for more information.

February 25, 2022
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